So Fabu!

Hello, dawling!

I’m so glad you decided to explore some fabulousness with the rest of us.  This blog is all about FABULOUS people (you included), places and things…plus a few extras along the way.

I’m Urban Jipsie and I will be leadin’ this thang.  I was working on a few catchy descriptions for the page, but overall, they didn’t make the final are a few…

Pretty Intelligent Girls

Creative Regal Amazing Zesty Youngin’s

Haute’ Exciting Female Adonisess

They wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for their acronyms…(PIG, CRAZY, HEFA)…plus they didn’t have much to do with this site so I scrapped the whole thing…besides, I think it’s best to stick with something most of us can relate to…being fabulous!  And for those that don’t have that part down yet, this site is gonna get you all prepped up and worked out.

Feel free to write me whenever you like…questions, comments, gripes, kudos, ideas, tips, hints and even a little, “he said, she said,” if need be.  If you’d like to contribute material, shoot it on over and I’ll see if it meets any of our guidelines for new material.

Okay, time to powder your nose, reapply your lip stuff and roll off any lint…we’ve got company coming.



Urban Jipsie

P.S. There are some entries/articles on here that are from other writers.  I always sign my own work and will usually address you “personally”… 🙂

P.P.S. I’m also working on a blog series based off of the One Month To Live book by Kerry and Chris Shook…follow along there and also in the Mirror Mirror folder, there is some diet trials I’m reporting, haha.  See you there!

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Debates – What Is Your Take On The Battle?

Tonight I sit and watch the debates, wondering, WHY is Romney so rude and strong arming the mic?  I understand and respect them wanting to get their points across but it seems too aggressive and disrespectful to the mediator and those waiting to ask questions.

I don’t know that there would EVER been enough time for either candidate to defend themselves because these issues and accusations run deep, but there is a way to conduct yourself. 

While I write this in favor of one candidate, I have to admit that I’m still undecided as they both have their pros and cons.

I also thought that if they exceeded their time limits, that their mics would be shut off…no?

Overall, I’m GRATEFUL to be in this country…regardless of how my ancestors got here, their sacrifice is my blessing and I have a responsibility to honor them.  I love them, though I never knew them and I relish in the thought that I have the freedom of this very post without fear of danger towards my opinions.

However you choose to vote…I encourage you to do so.  We are AMERICANS…the most loved and hated people on earth…but I wouldn’t want to be anything else.

-Urban Jipsie


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Custom Photo Magnets: Personalized for Your Business

Photo magnets offer an inexpensive and convenient method of business promotion. Photo magnets can be customized to display information such as company profile , product details, recognitions and contact details.

Custom Photo Magnets for Business Purposes Custom photo magnets are one of the best methods of business promotion because of the following reasons: • Affordable rates: Personalized photo magnets are inexpensive, yet effective advertising tools. Photo magnets allow wide reach at affordable rates.

• Brand promotion: Photo magnets can be used to promote brand equity, through indirect advertising. For e.g., a business organization can distribute photo magnets with a social message, while displaying its brand logo for business promotion.

• Sales pitch: Direct sales messages, such as seasonal sales, discounts and other promotional offers, can be displayed on the photo magnet. • Customer loyalty: Businesses can distribute customized photo magnets as rewards to customers. This will generate brand loyalty and supplement customer’s faith in the business.

Steps to Customize Photo Magnets The steps to creating personalized photo magnets for businesses involve the following steps: Designing: Design the photo magnet in an attractive manner. Remember that no one would want to display an uninteresting picture on their refrigerator or cabinets. Businesses can use either their logos or product photographs, along with some interesting pictures on photo magnets.

Always try to incorporate appealing designs that are subtle, yet convey strong meanings. Add information: Once the elementary designing is done, consider what relevant business information you would like to display on the photo magnet. It could be your contact details, promotional offers, product USP or any other specific content. Placing relevant and precise information on the photo magnet fulfills two basic functions.

Firstly, no one will place a photo magnet with irrelevant information on display. Secondly, the business message that you want to promote should appear in appropriate words. One can choose to have varied content on different photo magnets. Although custom photo magnets are a great advertising tool, using low-quality magnets may undo your effort. Low-quality magnets may fall down and get damaged, thus tarnishing the company’s image and consumer’s trust in the brand.

So, as a word of precaution, it is essential to hire professional manufacturers of high-quality customized photo magnets. 4cMagnets is a US-based company that specializes in manufacturing custom-made photo magnets at affordable rates. The company’s high-quality printing and professional expertise in the field makes it one of the leading manufacturers of personalized photo magnets.

About the Author: The author is an internet marketing professional and is affiliated with Veda Informatics, a website design, web & content development company offering content development, website design, web development, SEO, SEM, PPC management and other web services.

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Reaching Out


Morning Jipsies!!

Today’s entry is a little different…more so thoughts than passing along info. 

I always want to be more personal with you guys but I feel like if I do get to writing, it’ll be a bit wordy (my BF always says I write chapter emails and texts, haha)…or I may over edit myself and not write enough.

Oddly enough. I’m ok when I read short blog entries of others as it keeps me feeling connected to them.  Strange?  Maybe…

Okay, so I’ve been going to the gym…even got myself a trainer who loooooves to see fear in my eyes (I admittedly wear sun glasses sometimes, hah)…but the work outs are really great…and I continue to feel them days later.  I stopped this past week (I had been going 6 days a week) because too much was happeneing.

First, the last living uncle on my mother’s side died, then in less than a week, my dear friend Maynard died of a heart attack and then a few days later was the 4yr anniversary of my mother’s death.  TOO MUCH!

Anyway, I start back today and I feel excitement AND apprehension because I fear my stamina has perhaps gone down a bit?? Then again, maybe it hasn’t , but the perfectionist in me doesn’t want to look and feel like I’m back to square one.

I’m also in the process of making up my face right now -multi-tasking-(which is such a superficial tag on make up application…think about it…if I’m making it up…am I not being my true self?)…that sounds like another blog entry, haha.

Anyway…I’m determined to look “presentable” first thing in the morning….I find it helps me along the day and isn’t so startling should I randomly catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  🙂

Anyway…I guess this entry is kind of a tester…and it feels good to write freely.  I’d love to hear from you guys…email me or comment on any blog entry…I promise to answer back.  Friends who read this on Facebook tend to comment there…haha, defeats the purpose but I enjoy that they are reading what I have to say and good or bad, are moved to say something about it.

Have a FABULOUS day, Jipsies…you are highly favored!


-Urban Jipsie

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8 Clever Makeup Tips You Haven’t Heard Before



Okay, if there’s one thing I love, it’s make-up and beauty tips.  I came across this article and for a change, there were some ideas that I had never encountered before!

Take a read and see if any work for you…I’ve tried a couple including the tip to battle shine…it worked! 😀

Okay darlings…get to testing…


-Urban Jipsie


by BellaSugar

Makeup artists know all the secrets to looking great — those little tricks that can be picked up only by living in the beauty world 24/7 as they do.

Fortunately, they’re often as generous as they are knowledgeable. We talked with some of the best makeup artists in the business to get their best out-of-the-ordinary tips. (And no, we’re not using the old “white eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger” thing. You’ve read it a hundred times.)

Read on to see some of the best tips you haven’t heard before.

Ditch the oil slick To keep shine in check, Revlon Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman always keeps blotting papers on hand. But in a pinch, she has an unusual way to keep oil at bay. “Believe it or not,” she says, “I sometimes put deodorant on my finger and dab under my eyes and t-zone to help create a matte look.”

Try a colored eyeliner Changing your eyeliner can make eyes look bigger and brighter, says makeup artist Tina Turnbow, who has worked with stars such as Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore. “Try swapping black for plum, olive green or indigo,” she suggests. “Black can close up the eye and make it appear smaller, because darker colors make the eye recede. Some colors, even brown, can be softer.”

Go for sheer foundation  Adding aloe to foundation gives it excellent slip, says makeup artist Brett Freedman, who’s helped women like Vanessa Hudgens and Leighton Meester get gorgeous. “Sheer out your favorite base by adding a half a pea size of aloe to your foundation before you apply,” he explains. “Also, you can apply aloe to your face and while still dewy, spread on a little foundation. You’re ready for summer!”

Style your brows, size up your eyes
Doug Howell, NARS makeup artist, has an easy trick for making eyes stand out more. “Use a powder to define the entire brow, but give extra attention to the center arch area of the brow,” he says. “Since this is the highest area of the brow, it tricks people’s eyes into thinking your eyes look bigger.” Use a brow brush to apply powder eye shadows that correspond with your hair color. He recommends NARS single eye shadows in these shades: Blondie for lighter hair, Bali for medium hair and Coconut Grove for dark hair.

Create a wet look — for your lashes “There’s nothing sexier than the way lashes group together when they’re wet, like after getting out of a pool,” says MAC Senior Artist Victor Cembellin. “Here’s the secret to the look: Apply MAC Brow Set in Clear to the eyelashes first, and then top with a coat of black mascara.” The result: grouped, wet-look, sexy lashes.

Leave your lipstick in place The same product can be used to keep lipstick in check, says MAC Senior Artist Louise Zizzo. “MAC Brow Set in Clear used around the rim of the mouth will help prevent lipstick from bleeding,” she explains.

Create a camera-perfect manicure When working with stars like Joy Bryant and Sheryl Crow , Dior celebrity makeup artist Ricky Wilson pays attention to details like fingernails. “One thing that I always do for nails is mix a bit of Dior’s Skinflash pen with Dior Creme Abricot to get rid of any nicks at the base of the nail bed,” he confides. “It also adds a beautiful sheen that I like to call ‘red-carpet-ready’ hands.”

Get Bambi lashes without mascara You don’t need mascara to make your eyelashes stand out, says mark celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh, who has worked with actors including Emma Stone and Ashley Greene. Just add eyeliner, she says: “To get voluminous-looking lashes, apply dark brown or black waterproof eyeliner to the upper rim of your eye — not on top of the lashes, but in between and underneath them. This gives the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes without having a lined eye.”


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Getting Fit In 24 Hours

Hello my fit, Jipsies!

Okay, so last week I started working out at the gym…even splurged on a trainer for 3 sessions and have dedicated myself to coming in 6 days a week…yup, you read right, SIX DAYS A WEEK…and I’ve kept true to that.

The result?  Well, I did my official home weigh in (since Sunday is my day off) and MY scale shows a loss of SEVEN pounds in this first week…WHAT?!  😀

I’m just too thrilled.  I’ve also changed my eating for the first two weeks and then will introduce some items back in.  For the most part I’ve been having high protien, high fat and low carbs.  It’s been a little challenging at times but the numbers don’t lie! 

One of my favorite snacks is eating turkey bacon like beef jerky, which in essense, I could have, but 1. Turkey Bacon tastes good to me and 2. it is more cost effective for me to cook a whole package of long bacon strips than to pay 4-5.00 on a small bag of tough fragments.

My trainer Tony, over at 24hr Fitness in East Palmdale is really fantastic at his job.  He’s in amazing shape himself, but he’s so easy to work with…funny, too.  He encourages and challenges and also rewards which really make the sessions well rounded.

Keep up with me Jipsies…I’m taking my final goal in increments as to not overwhelm myself.

Any suggestion on how to stay focused?

Love you bunches….


-Urban Jipsie

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Healthy Hair & You

Gorgeous Jipsies…. 

You know our healthy hair is a Jipsie trademark…so I came across this article and thought…hmmmm, I’m sure my girls will appreicate this bit of info!

 I try to care for my hair in the simplest of ways, including doing a mayo deep conditioning treatment and not over stressing my hair.  In doing so, (probably also thanks to taking vitamins missed in meals), I’m about to be 35 in Sept and have NEVER found a gray hair.  My hair is soft and full and managable as it flexes.

Get your hair health on, Jipsies!!


-Urban Jipsie


by: Mary Colonial
Beautiful hair comes from feeding the hair from inside. It�s essential for your hair to be fed with a properly balanced and healthy diet. Lack of nutrition to the hair is one of the crucial reasons responsible for �alopecia� or hair loss. It is one of the most important problems troubling most of the people now days.

Though there are a number of other causes, which are responsible for excessive hair loss, which in time results in premature baldness. Improper chemical treatment can also cause hair loss. The fashion trendy youngsters and also some adults are inclined enough to use harmful chemical or colors for their style statement, resulting in damaged hair and excessive hair fall.

Not only that improper diet and harmful chemicals are to be blamed for the excessive hair fall, but it is also a fact that balding and thinning of hair is also often hereditary.

And it is too often noticed that hereditary is responsible for the untimely baldness and thinning of hair in a number of cases. Along with this also comes the hormonal problems for which one may loose hair. But this problem can be solved by proper treatment of the hormonal problems.

Some other problems such as a long time illness or surgery may also cause hair loss. In case of post pregnancy some women experience hair loss after three months of their delivery. But frankly speaking these hair fall problems are temporary and are gone after the stress period is over.

It is also noticed that some medicines cause reactions resulting in hair fall. But changing the medicine can solve this problem. Fungal infections may also cause hair fall. Hair loss can also be the symptom of some underlying illness not yet detected.

Now lets go for some possible remedies for these hair fall problems. In case of medicinal reaction as stated earlier your doctor may prescribe some alternative medicine for the illness and thus the reaction can be stopped.

For fungal infection, treating the infection would solve the problem. You should also go for the doctor for the solution of hormonal imbalance and thus he may prescribe some medicine to solve the problem.

Though there are also a few medicines available in the market, which are useful in stopping hair fall. But it is always recommended to have a prescribed medicine from the doctor, as the inappropriate use of some medicines may also have negative results.

Its true that loss of hair is a headache for everyone and virtually nobody wants to be bald. So it’s better to have some preventive measures so that you may not face this problem.

And if you have started to face it, perhaps it�s not too late yet to start. All you have to do is to pay some attention to your hair. Give your hair a healthy diet, and provide the necessary nutrition. Take care while using chemicals or colors, or while using dryers, straightners, or curlers.

Be cautious about the hair and scalp protection. And over all, if necessary have a visit to the doctor, if the problem seems to be a tougher one.

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Hello my Tupac lovin’ Jipsies!!

Wow…a whole brew of vipers are about to be released with this one, especially since dude is naming names and supposedly has proof of the robbery (he mentions still having a chain that was taken that night).

I’d be very interested to watch this unfold. There’s gonna be a lot of folks crying foul and/or revenge seeking. I found it uneasy when he said in a watermarked letter, “Now I’m not going to talk about my friend Biggie’s death or 2Pac’s death, but I would like to give their mothers some closure,” it reads. “It’s about time that some one did, and I will do so at a different time.”

His “friends”….? Not sure about ya’ll but I know I don’t ROB and shoot my FRIENDS. I guess it makes it ok since it was a paying know, business, nothing personal. And with a “major” payout of…(wait for it…) TWENTY-FIVE HUNDRED dollars (2,500.00), who could resist robbing and attempting to kill a rap icon…even if he was your “friend.” Oh wait, my bad…he was saying that BIG was his friend, not Pac…*sigh*…guess I can breathe a little easier now. (insert rolling eyes here)

I read his entire letter and was surprised that he gave his mailing address to anyone that cared to question his statement or that just wanted to be his friend. (I’m sure not the same kind of “friend” he was to Pac…oh wait, my misunderstanding, again). Dude is serving a life sentence so maybe he feels more safe in there…HOWEVER, don’t you think some inmates may want to chat with him a bit? Especially the Pac fans…? Perhaps this is a calculated move to get him into some sort of seclusion “for his safety” while in the penn.

My hearts go out to the mothers of ALL involved because of the needless pain, anguish, shame and embarrassment. We need to be praying for the upholding strength of these women.

In the words of Tupac, “Can’t nobody diss my ni**a, damn, I miss my ni**a…POUR OUT A LIL LIQAH.”



-Urban Jipsie


Just one day before what would have been Tupac Shakur’s 40th birthday, a man named Dexter Isaac has reportedly come forward to claim responsibility for robbing him at Manhattan’s Quad Studios in 1994, an incident during which the West Coast rapper was also shot five times, setting off a feud between himself and the Notorious B.I.G.

Isaac is currently serving a life sentence in prison for unrelated crimes, while Rosemond was to turn himself in to federal authorities on May 23 for his alleged involvement in cocaine distribution. The letter alleges that Isaac’s confession was prompted by a statement issued by Rosemond on the day he was to turn himself in, in which Isaac and another man were labeled as “government informants.”

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Chris Brown & Justin Bieber’s Unfinished Video Leaks

Hey Chris Brown & Justin Beiber Jipsie fans…

Just saw some raw footage of this video and this leak could have used a pamper.  The video is weird, confusng and just in my opinion, whack.  There’s some sort of bombs and catastrophy happening and while fires are burning, Chris is getting his dance on with some background dancers…uhhhh, what?

And I NEVER would have seen CB and JB sharing the same girl.  Reminds me of MJ and Paul in “The Girl Is Mine”…

Anyway, I think this one needs a do over, but you make your own decision.

xoxox -Urban Jipsie


Chris Brown and Justin Bieber haven’t exactly been hush-hush about their upcoming video together, “Next 2 U,” tweeting photos (like the one seen above) and updates from the video’s dark and elaborate set.

Now fans can get a taste of Brown’s unfinished “Next 2 U” clip, which leaked last night (June 6).

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Myths Women (Still) Believe About Men


 Hey there my savvy little Jipsies!

Okay, I wanna intro you to Marcus, if you haven’t already met.  I just adore this guy and how candid he is.  He’s funny, too…

I consider myself to be pretty smart and not easily fooled by the male species, but I learned a few things myself.  😉

Take a read and see what you learn!

xoxox -Urban Jipsie 


  By Straight Male Friend’s Marcus Osborne

Women offer other women an incredible amount of uninformed advice, misinformation and mythology about what motivates men whether they’re single, married, or in a long-term relationship. This was the impetus behind With all due respect, women simply don’t know as much about men as they think they do. And of course us poor guys know zilch about women.

Truth be told, I actually reached out to a handful of guys to guest write for SMF and the general response was, “What? Hell no! I’m not gonna be the one givin’ up the secrets!” So you see?  Your SMF’s are risking permanent expulsion from the “Man Club” by giving up the goods here. But we’ve got a job to do!

 To that end, we decided to tackle some fairly persistent man-myths. Now certainly there are exceptions to every rule. And, of course, you’ll have either experienced or have heard anecdotal stories that run contrary to your SMF’s perspectives. That said, here are:

The Top 5 Myths Women STILL Believe About Men

1.He won’t respect you if you have sex on the first date.

Truth is, it doesn’t matter if you do the bedroom boogie on date number one or one-hundred. Sex (or the act of withholding it) doesn’t equate to respect. Don’t fool yourself. Each situation is different and each person is different. If you’re making such a personal decision based on not what YOU want, but on what you believe the other person will think, you could be setting yourself up for a major disappointment.

 2. Men love the chase.

Guys just loooove working up the courage to approach a stranger and ask them out, risking rejection or humiliation. What’s not to enjoy about basically having to qualify for the opportunity to take someone out ? Doesn’t sound stressful at all.


 WOMEN love the chase. And why not? To be in a position where you can basically field offers from potential suitors. On that particular point, guys would switch places any day. It’s not that we love the chase…it’s that we have to chase.

 3. A man can’t be friends with a woman without wanting to have sex with her.

This one is always hotly debated among the fellas. But the consensus here is that the idea that men and women can’t be friends without sexual tension is pure hogwash. We certainly won’t pretend as if people can’t or don’t possibly find each other attractive, but that’s a far cry from wanting to get all coital. And listen, I surely have friends who I definitely wouldn’t mind taking out for a sexual test drive. On the other hand, I’ve got very close female friends with whom I couldn’t imagine being intimate in that way. So to say what comedian-turned-relationship-guru Steve Harvey said– that, “The only reason men are just friends with women is because that’s all she’ll allow” is just ignorant and short-sighted.
4.  Guys Prefer Something Left to the imagination.

Says who? Ok, do we love the way you look in that low cut top or those form fitting jeans? Yes. Do we love seeing you looking your sexy best as you step out of the shower wrapped in nothing but a towel? You know it. Do we get turned on seeing you get dolled up before a night on the town or maybe seeing you in your sexiest Vicki Secret? Hell yeah, you know we do. You know what we love MORE than that though?

Taking all of that stuff off of you.
Yeah, we like to IMAGINE you in your birthday suit, but we’d PREFER to SEE you in your birthday suit. I mean, come on….why has this ever even been in question?

  5.  Guys are intimidated by independent women.

Lots of guys are. But a lot of guys aren’t. This is another electric debate, but we say that this is generally not true; particularly for guys under the age of 40. Under 40 guys are more used to seeing, meeting, knowing, socializing with, and yes even dating powerful, independent women. Many guys wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now listen, no worthwhile guy doesn’t care about carrying his own weight or being his own man. And men want to be seen as good “providers.” But that’s a societal “guy thing” and it has less to do with actually feeling intimidated and more to do with feeling the angst of having other people judge them. A self-confident guy feels empowered and proud of his strong, independent partner not emasculated. So for us to buy into the “guys are afraid of independent women” myth, we’d have to buy that most guys lack self-confidence…and we don’t at all agree with that.



Buenos Dias my Fly Jipsies!

I came across this article today and I have to say, I’d love to see that RESET button pushed on hip hop. There’s been numerous times that I’ve said that hip hop today is just so watered down and far removed from what I remember it to be.

Let’s Talk About Sex….Self Destruction….Fight The Power….Express Yourself. Each of these songs had a distinctive message. Nowadays, you can change out any track and you still have the same damn song. Money, Drugs, Bling, Girls…BLAH.

All these “baby” rappers are still stuck on (pop) formula. Okay, so it sells records to these other hip hop youngin’s that don’t know any better, but to those of us that grew up on the meat and potatoes of it, we find it to be insulting.

Instead of really learning the foundation of rap, they think that they are true artists because their nursery rhymes of guns and sex actually do rhyme.


True artists (or pros of any kind), know where their craft originates. Absolutely be an original and branch out because everything, including music, should keep evolving. But don’t disregard the very roots that should be feeding you.

Hip Hop is becoming a Big Flop in terms of authenticity. And for all ya’ll who’s arguement is, “I’m keeping it real!” …if you’re doing whatever just to sell albums, then you’re not keeping it real…you’ve just SOLD OUT.

xoxox-Urban Jipsie

“The hip-hop scene [has] became so pop.” Ice-T continues. “I was like, ‘I’m gonna do a movie about real rappers and what inspired us.’ Maybe that’ll hit a reset button on the game and let these kids know it’s not just about a pop record. Rap can do a lot.”



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